“Remember the time we left certainty behind for sunny days in California…”-Maquita Donyel, #StoriesofaPolishedPistilΒ  (buy hereΒ )Β 

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Airline: Virgin America

The flights were on time, the box of cookies offered were delicious (like, airlines still feed people?) , and Mini was completely entertained (thanks Virgin).

Car Rental: Enterprise

Rode around in an adorable little 3-door Hyundai.Β The rental was a lot of fun and they even gave us a discount when I returned it, thanks Enterprise.
(Somewhere down the lineΒ my love for SUVs and cross overs left me. I blame living in a city where finding a parking spot is almost like winning the lottery, I blame road trips, Β and I blame momming an almost preteen as opposed to a toddler. )

Hotel/Vacation Home: Airbnb

Our temporary home in the hills was beautiful, the host was their usual delightful self, and we ate breakfast on the deck every morning with the door wide open. Our backdrop? The Hollywood hills, the Hollywood sign and downtown LA. I’d choose this place over a hotel any day.Β 

Places to visit:
Santa Monica Pier – Pacific Park (at night for the pretty lights)
Disneyland (The size of the park was PERFECT. We were able to see the entire park in one day. It wouldn’t have been the same, or possible, without our beautifulΒ friend and park guide, Joclyn.
Hollywood Stars Walk of Fame (dirtier than your probably think, still sort of cool nonetheless. We mainly found ourselves in Sephora and avoiding the line of drivers offering “a Hollywood tour”)
Universal Studios (Be sure to get a fast pass! Makes all the difference.)
Open Mic Night at various locations (was so bummed we couldn’t make it to Da Poetry Lounge)
The Last Bookstore (This is a MUST VISIT for adults and children alike. Less people at night.)
Malibu/Zuma Beach Β (Quiet and super clean. Pay to park in the lot (worth it))
In N Out Burger (an inexpensive, stupidly delicious, west coast treat)

Thanks to those that gaveΒ recommendations! There were about a half a dozen of other places I had on our list that we didn’t get to visit. We were far too relaxed to squeeze all of it in.Β 

There’s truly nothing as wonderful as going somewhere that God has personally sent you.

There's truly nothing as wonderful as going somewhere that God has personally sent you. Click To Tweet



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