Bahhhh we had so much fun!
While the memories made took the cake, the clothes we chose were the icing. LikeΒ the icing of a cake, dressing yourself according to your mood (or destination) is pretty sweet. And if done correctly, your outfit of choice can make a memory a bit more enjoyable.
Layers were the name of the game in Los Angeles this go around. Wearing multiple layers allowed us toΒ stay cool during the day and warm at night. The temperature changes were quite dramatic; 80s during the day and 60s at night.
Wearing layersΒ also meantΒ traveling with two suitcases as opposed to three.
Two girls, three suitcases, maneuvering through an airport?
No thank you.
Now, we weren’t so practical everyday. Some days we opted to change our outfits completely and multiple times throughout the day. I mean come on…it is vacation. We saved our layering choices for amusement park days and the others for beach and touring days.

We made some pretty cool stops as well. Check out the details of our trip here!




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