These are literally the only pair of jeans I own that do not have slits or holes in them. Wait, there are definitely slits on the bottom of these. Welp.

A friend 30 years my senior gifted me these lovely, very dear to her heart, pair of jeans. She bought them as a young “strapped for money” adult during aΒ trip to California. She spent much more on these jeans than what she had available in her piggy bank, but just HAD to have themΒ (been there). So against her better judgement, she purchased the jeans. But thank goodness she did, because now I get to love on them! Talk about sisterhood and traveling pants.

These mens jeans were reconstructed toΒ fit a woman. And because this isΒ not a “no repeats” blog, you will being seeing these again.

While the jeans are one of a kind, I encourage you to get creative with an old pair of yours! (Beading ideas here )

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