I prefer the magic and love formed in openness, honesty, mutual respect, trust, appreciation, and simplicity. I’ve applied this preference to motherhood.  This has in turn allowed for a relationship that doesn’t have to be overstated, questioned nor overshared… but one that she (we) can be sure is consistent, true, and of my (each other’s) very best. I am immensely grateful to God for this precious gift; the gift I call Mini, the gift I call motherhood, the gift I call us. – Maquita Donyel

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas will be available >here< this Thursday! (including  the terrifying thing I did for my mom!)

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Soooo I tend to celebrate in seasons rather than days. Meaning, when there’s something or someone to celebrate, the celebration will go anywhere from 7 to 30 days. Christmas being the longest, no wait…SUMMER being the longest (yes, summer is its own holiday), then Christmas, then birthdays, then everything in between. Muvahood (Motherhood) however, is a year long celebration in our home and it doesn’t always involve balloons. In fact, it sometimes involves lectures, perfected eye rolling, keeping up with Mini’s academic/sports/social life aka pure exhaustion (not the pretty kind..but the chipped nails, smudged eyeliner, and “how did that get on my shirt??” kind).

We are celebrating everything this year simply…simplicity is so beautiful, you know? It forces you to focus on one another and precious moments as opposed to material possessions and silly expectations. Below are snippets from just another day as a mom, annoying my soon-to-be preteen in ripped mom jeans, a tank, and a soccer mom hat during our windy day in DC ( tuna+wind = yeaaa, I don’t recommend it).

Wishing all of the loving, selfless, and hardworking moms a beautiful Mother’s Day season. You wipe tears no one else will feel, endure so that others won’t have to, create miracles that others will never know about, pray harder than you probably ever even imagined you would, and haven’t had a full nights sleep since your little one(s) were born…and you actually love every bit of it? You beautiful looney tune you. We’re grateful. We see you even if no one else does. God bless you.

Here’s to you (and your mama’s mama).

Relax a little. You deserve it.

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