One minute a friend and I are looking at a video of this pizza taco in New Jersey. The next minute we’re on the way to go inhale a slice. 😀

Pizza Pizza

The Tony Boloney’s experience in Hoboken, NJ is nothing short of phenomenal. Their signature Taco Pizza (offered only on Tuesdays) is a flavorful party in your mouth and a joy to your stomach. Not only will a single slice  end your hunger for an entire day, but I am almost certain it could also bring world peace. I was so stinking happy afterwards :D. Meeting the friendly people at Tony Boloney’s was a joy as well. I cannot wait to go back. Thank you for the VIP service, tourist advice, clean bathroom, and warm atmosphere 🙂


One of my favorite things about this town? It’s swarming in small businesses. Chains were difficult to come by! I managed to locate one Starbucks, one 7eleven and one Francesca’s; not a single recognizable cleaners, grocery store, nor pharmacy.
Eventually, I ended up in a store called Washington General Store. When first entering the boho chic, modern, cooler than hipster shop,  I saw a guy holding a less than two-year old behind the register. When I asked him where to find a gift for my soon-to-be preteen, he called his wife (the owner) from the back of the store. Washington General Store became hers three years ago. It is cuter than cute and filled with unique home decor, jewelry, a corner dedicated to hip babies, and much much more.


The place of endless opportunities and endless activities. Other than stopping by Juniors for cheesecake, making friends with an adorable white-haired lady in the bathroom, nearly being talked into seeing a 1 am comedy show, and spending an hour in Grand Central Station talking about life, hip hop, and childhood memories, my favorite part about being in Manhattan this time was visiting a certain coffee shop. Irving Farm Coffee Roasters was serviced by two baristas, one a pink haired bomb shell wearing a fitted cheetah print jumper and the other a male, strapped with my favorite kind of sarcasm. We talked about the annoying renter upstairs who hates people and the smell of breakfast (more specifically, bacon) and how their coffee is slightly more delicious than jet fuel. R&B favorites filled the empty space and our coffees were delicious!

You, my dear, need to make a visit! If you do, be sure to tell us all about it!
Location recommendations for the next NJ/NYC visit? Leave it all in the comment section below!

Stay Polished Pistil,


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