Coffee is the common man’s gold, and like gold, it brings to every person the feeling of luxury and nobility – Sheik Abd-Kadir.

I’ve been drinking the common man’s gold since the age of six.  Coffee was introduced to me by my God-grandmother, who is in fact practically a real life fairy. She has one of the kindest hearts I know. Proof? Well, she introduced me to coffee.


 Mini had her first taste of coffee around the same age as me(you’re welcome, my baby). But because I wanted to give her the best shot at obtaining all the height God has intended for her, she opts for decaf.

We’re a traveling family and whenever we travel we prefer to live like the locals so, instant Hillcrest Little Rock Arkansas locals we were. It was during one of our explorations that we discovered Mylo Coffee Co.

From the Mylo Coffee Co.’s website: 
“Mylo Coffee Co. is the realization of a lifelong dream of owner and head baker Stephanos Mylonas and his wife Monica. The couple met and received much of their culinary education in the United Kingdom, where they were inspired by the seasonality and consciousness of consumption that had lately arisen there. They relocated to Monica’s hometown of Little Rock to open a shop that reflected their appreciation of both craftsmanship and community presence.”

We parallel parked a block away from the coffee shop, crossed the small town street, and then opened the giant wooden door.  Walking into Mylo Coffee co. felt like…MORNING. Yes, that’s it, morning. With the sun pouring in through the windows that practically consumed each wall,  and the friendly, tatted, funky baristas welcoming us in, Mylo felt like a warm, rejuvenating morning.  One barista in particular complimented me on my top and then spent 3-4 minutes with me sharing fashion/shopping tips, otherwise known as icing.for.the.soul. Hi Alex! (Psst..Alex, I later discovered that top was totally from forever 21, not H&M.) They didn’t make Mini’s coffee scorching hot so she was able to inhale it as oppose to drink it (per usual) and of course they topped off our drinks with pretty designs (hers cuter than mine; the way we like it).

Mini and I enjoyed our coffees so much that we went back the same night for more; except this time we showed up right before they closed. Although “right before closing” is any staffs least favorite time of day to see new faces, they traded my “we’re from out of town and you simply made our coffees too well this morning,” for another wonderful experience.  Scarlet made our coffees this time. Scarlet, a fellow fan of a good red lip, revealed to me that Mylo makes their syrups in house. And while whether or not to use syrups is apparently a pretty intense debate among some coffee farmers and makers, making syrups in house often results in better tasting beverages and less artificial sweeteners and preservatives.  Hi Scarlet! Ps. I remember you had just finished creating your very own lavender syrup…check out this cool article I found!

Thank you Alex & Scarlet for our decaf/ highly caffeinated coffees. And Scarlet (whose name is a character in my book *<grab a copy, you’ll be glad you did*) hope your in-house-made lavender syrup ended up being a big hit.

You can read more about Mylo Coffee Co. here and as always, click on the links below to grab outfits similar to ours!

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