Me: My hair actually looks good today

Rain: Eh, for now.

Me: My hair actually looks good today Rain: Eh, for now. Click To Tweet

At the very least, the month of August consists of:

  1. Fellow roaring Leos that are out prowling in an unforgettable and glorious fashion
  2. A season filled with hot, rainy and/or humid days

Rainy and humid days mean very few hairstyling options for one’s mane. Either your hair becomes super flat or if your hair is like mine it shrinks, turns into a fro and/or becomes a total frizzfest. ย As a person that both gets very bored with her hair and prefers to do as little as possible to it, I was in dire need of multiple, simple hairstyling options for rainy days like today. Now that I’ve found my go to rainy day hairstyles, it’s time that I share them with you!

  • The cotton candy bun with multiple headbands
  • The hat and a ponytail or the hat and blow out
  • The goddess braid

Check out some of the hairstyles and outfits below and let me know how they worked out for you!

Happy August!

The cotton candy bun with a multiple headbands

There’s the cotton candy bun and then there’s the cotton candy bun with multiple headbands.
The difference? The headbands totally rain on the frizzfest’s parade. In other words, the headbands keep your hair down and provide a smooth and tamed look. Goodbye frizz!
(I think I need to do a video tutorial on this style. What do you think??)

The hat and ponytail or the hat and blow out

Saying you don’t look good in a hat is like saying you don’t look good in shoes! | unknown

I typically find a part in the middle and a ponytail looks best under my hat.

The goddess braid

โ€œFor me, hair is an accouterments. Hair is jewelry. Itโ€™s an accessory.โ€ |ย Jill Scott

This is the braid that keeps all of the fly aways tucked in. You’ll simply need to lay down your edges with your favorite edge cream or moisturizer and a silk or satin scarf. My favorite edge cream? Click here!


Rain boots! Adorable and affordable rain boots. Boots that I spent all day saying “thank you” to the women that stopped me to tell me how much they love them. Funny story, they’re not even mine, I borrowed them from my daughter. Yea, you might want to buy two! Click the link below:


Stay Polished, Pistil
Maquita Donyel


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