“There is something incredibly nostalgic and significant about the annual cascade of autumn leaves.”
― Joe L. Wheeler

The cooler season is approaching!!

Honestly, the hardest thing to accept about fall is that it immediately precedes winter. Although I love and appreciate a season of things falling and then dying so that more beautiful things can bloom in its place, I’m an above 30 degrees Fahrenheit kind of girl, a it can snow on Christmas Eve and become spring the morning of Feb 15th kind of girl, a “no more than 2 feet of snow please kind of girl and that’s just not what winter in the district (or its surrounding cities) brings.

But what’s most important is to simply enjoy the moment and/or season you’re in.

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Because this is a moment you will not get back and a moment that one should not spend being anxious about what’s coming (spoiler alert) because it’s going to come anyway 🙂

Nevertheless, there’s beauty that comes with every season but especially summer and fall :D. Buy my fall look featuring a pair of 1940’s replicas below!

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Drop Waist Dress (Budget Friendly)

1940 replica shoes

Other similar looks:

Drop Waist Dress Kate Spade version (click on photo)

Cece version (click on photo)






Blazer (click on the photo)


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