“Writing things down doesn’t mean it’s not important enough to remember, but that it’s too important to forget. Getting organized doesn’t zap your creative space of its colorful light, getting organized ensures that you have enough room for it; enough time for it to grow, shine, and warm the faces and hearts of others.” -Maquita Donyel

  1. Plan | Get Organized

Whether it’s a friend’s birthday, an idea, a task or what you’re having for dinner this week, write it down. Use your energy towards figuring out how to best execute your goal as opposed to trying to remember the goal itself. Make the most out of your day and keep yourself on task. 

a. Get a Planner 

At the age of 28.25, I had just achieved a few personal goals (1,2,3,4) and was unsure of what to do next. New job? Second book? Grad school? Then I became so overwhelmed with the many ideas, that I felt like I wasn’t moving at all.

Ever had a to-do list so long that it made you want to nap instead? This was precisely how I felt. But because complacency nearly causes me to breakout in hives, the frustration of not working towards any personal goals also overwhelmed me. Struggling with the same? Yea?  I’m definitely going to write about that. I think I’ll title that post “How I Figured Out What to do Next,” but for now we’ll continue discussing why you need, yes need, to find balance and purchase planner.

Eventually I got my answer about what to do next in the form of a vision (or dream). The dream started out small and then within a matter of weeks, it grew into something quite large and specific. As details of this dream began to flood in,  both excited and a bit nervous, I asked God, “Okay, but how and where in the heck do I start?”

He told me that

I was asking for things that He wanted to give me, but I was not yet prepared to receive.

I was asking for things that He wanted to give me, but I was not yet prepared to receive. Click To Tweet

“Well, okay. How could I better prepare? ” I asked. I didn’t get an answer right away, but He eventually answered, “Get ORGANIZED”. I researched planners that evening.

After a few additional days of research, I decided to purchase the Passion Planner. The Passion Planner works well for the aspiring organizer and the natural-born organizer alike. It was undoubtedly the perfect option for artsy-farsty, busy-body me. The Passion Planner not only provides weekly motivational quotes, but also teaches you how to break down your big goals into daily tasks. It taught me how to get all of my goals (short and long, big and small) down on paper in a way that I could easily refer back to, organize, track, and create daily tasks from.

A Few Passion Planner Pointers:
  • Color code. Color coding allows you to see what you’re spending the most time on and it allows you to prioritize without having to read through every single detail. When things are merely black and white, they can be much harder to see (*dramatically looks off into space* that’s deep). Assign colors to your child(ren), assign a different color for your activities and appointments, blog posts, exercise plans, meals, chores, school classes, etc.
  • Pick a day to plan your week. I recommend picking a Saturday or Sunday, this way you can plan ahead of your week as opposed to planning in the middle of it. If you don’t take this time to plan out your week, you risk having an unproductive week or a week of time spent with no idea where the time went. Also be sure to pick a day to recap each month before the month is complete.
  • Combine the 30 min time increments with your to-do list. Block off time for your appointments and activities and then use the blank space to bullet-point what you want to get done for the day.
  • Personalize it and make it “pretty”. You want to be excited to open your planner everyday and every week. If you cannot come up with any ideas on your own, there are many youtube tutorials with great ideas on how to decorate and color code your Passion Planner.

b. Get a routine

I’ll give you a bit of wisdom that was given to me,

Don’t think too much, just do it.

This concept will help get you out of bed in the morning. It will help quiet that sinister morning  voice telling you to  sleep for just 30 more minutes, and then two more, and then just.two.more. Having a routine goes hand and hand with being organized.

c. Plan in one place

Continue to use your notes app, your email, and your special notebook but when it comes to actually planning out your day/week/month/year/life, use one planner. Whether you are using the awesome Passion Planner or google calendar, keeping your schedule in ONE place will cause less confusion.
Fun fact: The Passion Planner has blank white pages and graph paper pages, these are great for tracking goals and for brainstorming.


2. Be aware of what and who you allow into your space

“But sometimes your light attracts moths and your warmth attracts parasites. Protect your space and energy”― Warsan Shire

First things first, are you your own moth and/or parasite? Do you have a negative mindset you need to rid yourself of? Are you spending your days gossiping about what others do or don’t do? Are you suppressing your problems/hurt/pain with a vice like alcohol or drugs? Or are you ignoring your problems all together? It is important to analyze your circle, as they are a reflection of you, but it is just as important to connect with yourself on a deep level and be your change.

When it comes to people interested in visiting your physical/mental/emotional space, remember that it’s okay to say “no thank you, not today.” It’s okay to love someone from afar. Trust your gut, your intuition, that inner voice, the holy spirit when it tells you to not open certain doors and to close others (even if temporarily). What you allow into your space can and will effect other areas of your life, so choose wisely.

3. TAKE YOUR TIME, not anyone else’s but yours.

The time that God instructed me to do “nothing,” or as a much wiser friend of mine said, when God instructed me to “create space,” I was given clarity. Taking that space allowed me to discover in a week what I had been contemplating for months. It’s not about the race, it really isn’t, it’s about living your journey as vastly as possible. When I say vastly I mean as wide as possible, fully absorbing the present.  Sometimes things will happen very quickly while other times they will seem to move more slowly. Trust the time, trust the process and remember that this journey, space, and time is yours. Because it is yours take care of it, water it and nurture it; take your path and no one else’s.


Stay Polished Pistil


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