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Unable to recall today’s date or even the current year,  Barbara Smith says, “Things like that make me very sad.” Designer, author, “iconic restaurateur,”  former TV Host, and model meets with CBS News yesterday to discuss her battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Many of us know her as one of the first African American women place on the Mademoiselle cover, as the former owner of “B.Smith’s”  restaurant in Washington DC’s Union Station and current owner in New York,  or as the author of a number of cook books. “I think the future is going to be fine. I’m going to my best to make it work out for me and as many people as I could possibly help too.” The interview in the video above gives a brief insight into how she learned about her disease, how it is effecting her now, and where she see’s herself in the future.  

Annie Trailer 2014 Directed by Will Gluck and produced by Will Smith and rapper Jay-Z, Annie  is expected to be released Christmas 2014. A beloved story that has been told twice before is being told yet again! This time with a slightly different plot and new characters (Quvenzhané Wallis as Annie,  Jamie Foxx as Benjamin Stacks -“Daddy Warbucks”, and Cameron Diaz as Ms. Hannigan).  A new Annie to fall in love with all over again. Annie Personally, we are thrilled! Check out the trailer above!

Isabel Marant – Launching a Line with H&M For lack of better terms, “Ahhh”!!!  I have been waiting all week to talk about this! As many have heard for the past two weeks, the Paris native, Isabel Marant will be launching a line with H&M November 14, 2013. (In select stores at 8:00 am and online at 12:00 pm) Why you should be excited: If you are not familiar with Isabel Marant, she is a French designer whose apparel appeals to the bohemian, street, chic-tomboy, woman who wishes to look effortlessly fabulous. Key word, EFFORTLESSLY… and I would say this is about 80% of us. This my friend, is why you should be excited. I have put a few of my favorite pieces released below compliments of teenvogue.com, however you can check out the full line on their website. WARNING: Minimal drooling is expected when reviewing the photographs below.…

Nina Davuluri, age 24, is the First Miss America of Indian descent! “I’m so happy this organization has embraced diversity,” she said in her first press conference after winning the crown in Atlantic City, New Jersey’s Boardwalk Hall. “I’m thankful there are children watching at home who can finally relate to a new Miss America.” Nina is from New York and plans on attending medical school and becoming a doctor.  However her first official act will be to visit Seaside Heights, NJ- the location damaged by Hurricane Sandy and then by a fire last week. Can’t wait to see all of the things she does this year and what is to come next year after yet another milestone has been broken in this country. Check out the priceless reaction photos below from the pageant. Congratulations Nina!!! Stay Polished Pistil

[Lol it’s absolutely hilarious calling the 2013 VMAs casual. I know, just keep reading] In the past I have done a “Polished Pistil’s Favorite Moments” to recap a show. However, I must admit it took me a while to write this article because I am JUST NOW able to get over the Shocking Events at the VMAs. Yep, took me an entire 2 days.  I’d hate to bore you with my new found love for JT (after the Janet incident) and how much I hope Nsync is doing a world tour soon! [pure excitement] With that being said, did anyone notice how casual a few people were this year at the VMAs? Although this is not the Grammys, and there were still many gowns to be seen, there were a few ladies that chose pants (or jeans), a simple dress, or a dresses short enough to get a look…

By: Maquita Donyel Gabrielle Turnquest, an 18 year old Florida native, was the youngest to graduate from Liberty University at the age of 16 with a Psychology degree; she did not stop there! Now, she is also the youngest person to pass the UK Bar Exam. “I am honored to be the youngest person to pass the Bar exams but really, I was not aware at the time what the average age was. I didn’t fully realize the impact of it,” Gabrielle told, The Telegraph. I know that it’s Monday and NOT Fashion Friday (sawies), however what better topic to cover than an outstanding young woman that passes the bar at 18 and plan’s to practice in the Fashion Industry!  In an interview she mentioned that she was always interested in fashion.  She mentioned that although she initially considered entering the industry through Fashion Design, which she still may do in the…

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