No More Excuses When you’ve been given a mission, task, or a passion to pursue, do not talk yourself out of pursuing it. It may not be easy and/or it may seem like the task is completely out of your area of expertise—go for it anyway. Stop making excuses forย why you are not the person for it, why you cannot get to the mental/physical health you need to be, and/or why your dream cannot come true. What God places on our heart often requires us to “lean not on [our] own understanding,” but requires His strength, His tactic and His way. Have faith in that andย take the leap! The worse thing that could happen is that you “fail” & have to try again… But what successful person has not done that?ย  Stay Polished Pistil

Do not be discouraged, do not give up and do not ask “why me.” Asking โ€œwhy Meโ€ implies you do not wish to receive the blessing that comes from going through this battle. Fight your battle with the weapon of love, fight your battle courageously and graciously; for this is letting the world know you could not do it with Him. Stay classy. Stay Strong. Praise God. Be Encouraged. Stay Polished Pistil This quote was inspired by the teachings of Dr. B. Courtney McBath.ย 

Inner beauty is beauty in its most sincere and powerful form. It lives in your soul and escapes through the pores of your skin practically breaking through the flesh. It goes beyond identifying with the human eye of another. It pulls the strings of their heart, challenges their mind, and wakes up their soul. It brings out the inner beauty in others and shines light on those that need to feel beautiful. Yet, even with this, it is often overlooked and traded in for temporary pleasures, desires, and popular yet counterfeit ideas of what beauty should be. I’m here to say, don’t believe the hype. -Maquita Donyel

Bold & Polished Pistil of the Month Rahwa Zerihun By: Maquita Donyel ย  “Personally, I don’t really care about wealth, I want create a [positive] ripple effect, that’s the biggest goal for me. ‘A good name is far better than a million riches'” โ€œMaquita, I don’t know how I finished college.โ€ Rahwa Zerihun, the woman with a Bachelors degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in International Studies/Political Science, a Master of Internal Relations degree from Webster Graduate school, and now a full-time student working on her second Masters in London, couldn’t fathom how she finished college. “May you tell me more about your journey?” I asked. โ€œWell you knoowww, I finished one degree and just kept going! I was supposed to go to a University for Fashion Design. I ended up changing gearsย after my dad passed away and decided to do humanitarian work. Social justice became the reason I was…