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Coffee is the common man’s gold, and like gold, it brings to every person the feeling of luxury and nobility – Sheik Abd-Kadir.

I’ve been drinking the common man’s gold since the age of six.  Coffee was introduced to me by my God-grandmother, who is in fact practically a real life fairy. She has one of the kindest hearts I know. Proof? Well, she introduced me to coffee.

I’m no model. My mood is typically plastered on my face whether I like it or not. I’m terrible at doing things on cue or by force, so when something is demanded of me my first instinct is to say no. I need the ‘yes’ to flow out of me. I’m a recovering adrenaline rush junkie that currently falls somewhere between going with the flow and considering every possibility before taking a leap. So, how did this photo come out so organically wonderful? This photo was taken by one of my best friends, a Brooklyn raised Boricua I met at the age of 18 during our college orientation. This is a girl whose pain became my pain, joy became my joy, and family became my family. We initially bonded over talking each other out of making questionable decisions, being able to have fun doing absolutely anything, and love (we’re just two big hearted gals). We…

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