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Mama J: Are you going to wear that to your meeting?

Me: No way, I have to wear a black dress

Mama J: Maquita, most of your dresses are black, including the one you have on.

Me: Well, you know what I mean. I’m going to wear a little bla— nevermind.Β 

Sometimes you do not need to add new pieces to your wardrobe. Sometime you simply need look at your current wardrobe with new, loving, forgiving eyes πŸ™‚ I’ve been in the mood to mix and match some of my old pieces this month. Everything pictured so far is either a hand-me-down or was purchased more than three years ago.

“Writing things down doesn’t mean it’s not important enough to remember, but that it’s too important to forget. Getting organized doesn’t zap your creative space of its colorful light, getting organized ensures that you have enough room for it; enough time for it to grow, shine, and warm the faces and hearts of others.” -Maquita Donyel