maquita donyel


Falling in Love Never felt so beautiful Never felt so loved Wondering “Why do I allow earthly things to come between us?” The rock when you stagger and cheerleader when you succeed Even with fighting and fleeing He still manages to seek thee His constant reassurance when questioning who you’re meant to be Ability to help you see the unseen The master of GREATNESS, the definition of art Multi-colored skies…so much richness in what is dark Winds and tides to remind you He is near Casting out hate, defeat…fear He will craft a strong woman out of an insecure girl Even without an earthly father You’ll still be a “Daddy’s girl” The peace, that calms, that keeps and sustains thee You will see things for what they are rather than what they seem Be humbled by His presence Thankful for His grace There’s no man above Him… no creature…no place… Falling…

Whether you’re holding on to clothes in your closet in fear of never finding that same sweater again, baby clothes waiting for your next baby (even though its been 5 years), grudges/unforgiveness, or a box full of letters and gifts from ex loves over the years. Sometimes holding on to what’s comfortable and what we THINK we want, keeps us away from blessings we didn’t even know we needed. How can we be blessed with something new when our hand is already overflowing? How can we expect a new car when there is still an old one sitting on blocks in the driveway? Forbidden Topic Wednesday: Letting go of the old, making room for the new Will be posted tonight! Happy Wednesday you wonderful Pistils you! Live freely. Run Wild. Stay Classy. Stay Polished Pistil.

Bold & Polished Pistil of the Month J’Nell Jordan by: Maquita Donyel Beautiful souls smiling, laughing, hugging and dancing in colors so warm that you’re instantly attached. You’re instantly able to recall a moment in your life very similar to the one in that very painting. (Or at least are thinking of ways to now create a moment like one).  “Party People,” only the first of many collections that are yet to come created by J’Nell Jordan of  Paintings by J’Nell Jordan. “I’ve been painting and drawing since I could probably speak,” she laughs, “So I’ve always been creating and have enjoyed doing that.” J’Nell, a humble and sweet native Northern Virginian and Adelphi University (New York) graduate is determined to share her gifts with the world. Unlike many stories of those that dream to become artists, she was blessed to have much support from the very time she mentioned…

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