random thoughts


Be Beautiful Take your focus off of the person next to you and place it on yourself. There’s no other that can fill your shoes, fulfill your purpose, or live out your story. No matter the circumstance or the struggle… be TRUE TO YOU. If you’re not sure how… Take time alone to get to know more about the beautiful person you are, what makes you happy, and the purpose you were sent here to fulfill. Pretending to be anyone else…comparing yourself to anyone else is pausing, or even ruining, your own+special+story.ย #polishedpistil

[If faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones]ย Luke16:10 Yes, I’m sure we can all find plenty to complain about or stress over, but nine times out of ten those things aren’t stressing about you. So why not praise God forย the lesson, thank Him for trusting you to gain strength through the struggle and love others anyway? Think about how often you were forgiven, think how blessed you really are—did you have a glass of clean water this morning? Did someone compliment you? Did someone check to see if you made it to your destination safely? Were you able to turn on your lights and your water to get ready for your day? Girl, why are you complaining? You are blessed!! Allow your mind to switch gears and you’ll be smiling, struttin’, and waving in no time.