self love


‘Am I going to be happy when I reach the top of the “heap” because that is all I can imagine? Or when I get to the top will I find that indeed it is just a “heap” after all.’ – Dorothyย Valcรกrcel (Quiz found in a book by Dorothy Valcรกrcel. Check it out! You wont regret it.) QUIZ ย **no cheating!*** Quiz #1 “1. Name the five wealthiest people in the world Name the last five Heisman trophy winners Name the last find winners of the Miss America pageant Name the last five academy award winners for best actor and actress ” Got your answers?? Piece of cake? If it was, you definitely cheated. If it was not, try these questions instead: Quiz #2 “1. List five teachers who made a difference in your life Name three friends who helped you through a difficult time Name five people you…

Be Beautiful Take your focus off of the person next to you and place it on yourself. There’s no other that can fill your shoes, fulfill your purpose, or live out your story. No matter the circumstance or the struggle… be TRUE TO YOU. If you’re not sure how… Take time alone to get to know more about the beautiful person you are, what makes you happy, and the purpose you were sent here to fulfill. Pretending to be anyone else…comparing yourself to anyone else is pausing, or even ruining, your own+special+story.ย #polishedpistil

Inner beauty is beauty in its most sincere and powerful form. It lives in your soul and escapes through the pores of your skin practically breaking through the flesh. It goes beyond identifying with the human eye of another. It pulls the strings of their heart, challenges their mind, and wakes up their soul. It brings out the inner beauty in others and shines light on those that need to feel beautiful. Yet, even with this, it is often overlooked and traded in for temporary pleasures, desires, and popular yet counterfeit ideas of what beauty should be. I’m here to say, don’t believe the hype. -Maquita Donyel